NBA 2K21 Soundtrack Tips: Songs You Should Know

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In terms of the soundtrack for NBA 2K21, there are a total of 50 songs included

In terms of the soundtrack for NBA 2K21, there are a total of 50 songs included. While the majority of the music is from the hip-hop and RB genres and features some of the biggest names in the industry, there is a diverse selection that will appeal to almost everyone who plays the game.

1. Disturbing Lights - It's the Weekend
The Weekend's Blinding Lights, a commercial pop smash hit that the artist performed at the most recent Super Bowl halftime show, is the most played song on cheap NBA 2K21 MT, according to the game's statistics. The catchy dance song has received more than half a billion views on YouTube as of this writing.

A massively enjoyable crowd-pleaser, the song combines elements of 80s synth-pop with a driving tempo, electric keyboard, and a colorful melody reminiscent of new wave bands to create a massively enjoyable crowd-pleaser. However, despite the fact that the song has little to do with basketball, it has won numerous awards for best song of the year, including a Juno Award for Single of the Year.

2. Making the Wrong Decisions - The Strokes
If for no other reason than to break up the monotony of rap music and listen to some guitar-playing rock music, The Strokes' Bad Decisions is one of the top ten songs available in the game right now. The song, like The Weekend's Blinding Lights, has a nostalgic 80s Modern English and Duran Duran vibe to it that is sure to pull at some people's heartstrings.

The song, which is about regretting bad decisions in life, has a melancholy undertone that contrasts with the uptempo backbeat. During the bridge of the song, there is a significant sonic shift, and the song almost sounds like two separate tracks combined into one. All in all, the song is a snappy toe-tapper that stands out among the more hip-hop-heavy soundtrack of the movie.

3. Please Let Me Know - Juice WRLD
While there are probably better-produced tracks in the game, there's something about the late Juice WRLD's song Let Me Know that is so genuine, honest, and unpretentious that it is difficult to forget. The song, which is also known as I Wonder Why Freestyle, has the feel of something that was recorded on the spur of the moment and isn't under any pressure to be a hit record.
It has a hypnotic, laid-back vibe to it, and it shows a vulnerable and raw side of the fallen artist, which allows fans to learn even more about his personality.

4. How It Is - Malz Monday (Instrumental)
Those who enjoy 90s-era boom-bap hip-hop but aren't fans of modern mumble trap-rap will enjoy How it Is by Malz Monday, which is available now. The song, which features some of the best lyrics and rhyme patterns on the soundtrack, exemplifies the golden era of hip-hop.

Malz Monday rhymes about his struggles growing up and coming of age in his neighborhood, reciting lyrics such as "police pull me over and ask me why I look nervous," "the bloody murderer ain't here to protect and serve us," and "the bloody murderer ain't here to protect and serve us." The song is set to a pleasant high-pitch piano beat. Instead of bragging about cars and jewelry, as is the case with most rap songs on the soundtrack, here is a socially conscious rap song that has real substance.

5. Venom (Little Simz Remix)
Only a few artists on the NBA 2K MT soundtrack can compete with the lyricism of Little Simz, a female British rapper who was born in the United Kingdom. Simz rhymes circles around the other artists in the game on the song Venom, which features a haunting beat that addresses issues of inequality and the stigma that female rappers face in a male-dominated industry full of misogyny.

The contrast between Simz's extremely fast-paced verses and the simple, slowed-down chorus distinguishes the song as a one-of-a-kind piece of music. There's a eerie, almost horror-core quality to this song that really sets it apart from the rest of the album.