Never Fail JIANGTU Hydraulic Quick Coupler

JIANGTU Hydraulic Quick Coupleres are well-known throughout the world for their heavy-duty, dependable, and versatile skid steer machines


JIANGTU Hydraulic Quick Coupleres are well-known throughout the world for their heavy-duty, dependable, and versatile skid steer machines. Jiangtu hydraulic quick couplers provide power to a wide range of attachments that are used in a variety of industries, including construction, landscaping, forestry, waste, mining, and agriculture. The hydraulic system is at the heart of skid steer equipment, with couplers installed on the ends of hoses connecting powered attachments to the machine's hydraulics.

A durable and dependable skid tilting quick coupler allows for smooth operation as well as quick and easy changeover of different attachments. Choosing the proper Cat quick coupler is critical to getting the most out of your skid steer machine and attachments. Rugged attachments such as plows, augers, buckets, backhoes, mulchers, and a variety of other implements require adequate hydraulic flow, whether in a standard or high flow machine.




Your quick hitch coupler must be able to handle the hydraulic flow required by the attached implement. Standard flow hydraulic systems can operate at rates ranging from 8 to 23 gallons per minute, depending on the equipment, and can power the majority of attachments. The majority of skid steer equipment is equipped with a standard flow hydraulic system.

A high flow hydraulic system has a capacity of 20 to 45 gallons per minute and is typically an optional feature. High flow hydraulics are available in two configurations: single stage and dual stage. Single stage high flow hydraulics use the same lines and hydraulic quick couplers as standard flow hydraulics, whereas dual stage high flow hydraulics use separate lines and a completely different set of quick hitch couplers on the outside of the machine.


A hydraulic quick coupler specialist should be able to recommend the most appropriate hydraulic quick couplers for your skid steer machine based on your specific application requirements. Stucchi quick couplers for skid steers are well-known for their rugged durability and are the preferred choice of professionals. Stucchi offers one-of-a-kind hydraulic solutions for skid steer equipment, as well as a diverse range of quick couplers that have been proven in the most demanding applications.

Our skid steer solutions include quick couplers, which relieve pressure prior to connecting or disconnecting quickly. This avoids the common problem of being unable to connect your couplers no matter how much force you apply when attempting to connect by hand. This also provides a safer working environment for employees, as well as leak-free environmental protection.