What is Scrapbooks?

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New feature of PakSurf, called "Scrapbooks"

A "Scrap" in a user's "scrapbook" is equivalent to a post on a PakSurf user's wall. A scrap is HTML-enabled, allowing for the inclusion of videos and images, as well as links to outside content.


We know, lots of people miss this cool feature which used to be on a famous social networking website operated by Google. On September 30th Google shutdown the service to focus on its other products. Though the service shutdown as Google's social networking plan remain in question.


Therefore, we have decided to bring that cool feature back for our surfers.
PakSurf has added this new feature "Scrapbooks" and each user has a scrapbook where brief messages could be left by themselves and others can read them or share.


In addition, surfers can send each other “Scrapbooks” which appears under the user’s timeline. Each user also has an album, where they can upload photos.


This is much like PakSurf's wall activity. Eventually, this function evolved into something more like an activity wall.


Scrapbook can be an interesting place, everyone can create Scrapbooks, and they can specify the category as well.


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