Best Luxury Mooncake Gift Boxes for Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

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Last year's Mid-Autumn Festival was the first traditional reunion festival after China's victory in the fight against the epidemic, and it was also a festival of extraordinary significance for people.

Last year's Mid-Autumn Festival was the first traditional reunion festival after China's victory in the fight against the epidemic, and it was also a festival of extraordinary significance for people. Because China is the best controlled by the new crown, and also one of the first countries to lift the new crown quarantine. Many international luxury brands are very optimistic about the Chinese consumer market. With the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the market for luxury Mid-Autumn Mooncake gift boxes has also been heating up. Compared with earlier mooncake gift boxes wholesale, the major brands last year interpreted Chinese culture and aesthetics more comprehensively in packaging design, while also incorporating elements that cater to young consumers' needs for fresh things. Here is a brief introduction to several luxury-grade Mid-Autumn Mooncake gift boxes to show traditional Chinese aesthetics.


Gucci took inspiration from the complex ancient Chinese lunch box and designed three drawers for the moon cake gift box. The handles are made of bronze style with a box door engraved with stars, which combines the aesthetics of antique decoration and antique hollow windows with traditional craftsmanship. The integration is very Chinese. In addition, traditional Chinese materials such as salt, egg yolk, and red bean paste are used in the taste of moon cakes, and Western elements such as black truffle and prosciutto are also incorporated. The combination of Chinese and Western is more brand-like.

In addition to the packaging box and moon cakes, there is another highlight, which is the incense stick and incense base used with moon cakes. Incense has always been an important part of Chinese culture, and it often appears on certain occasions and festivals. In general, Gucci's Mid-Autumn Festival gift box fully interprets the preferences of modern Chinese consumers, and at the same time fully reflects Gucci's in-depth understanding of Chinese traditional culture.



Valentino's moon cake gift box subtly interprets oriental aesthetics, and features elegant blue and white porcelain as the drawer style boxes. The Grace Blue pattern of Maison's Fall 2020 collection embodies the most well-known theme art in the ceramic art world: Delft Blue. When the gift box was opened, in addition to two moon cakes and a tea box, there was also a Chinese fan. Although the number of moon cakes packaged in this gift box is smaller than other similar ones, tea and moon cakes have always been in line with the traditional Chinese diet.


Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani used traditional Chinese architectural elements in this Mid-Autumn Festival. The shape of the gift box is inspired by ancient carved wooden windows. After eating the moon cakes, customers can DIY the wooden frame into a photo frame according to the instructions provided in the gift box. In addition, the wooden frame can also be used as a Chinese-style display cabinet.


Tiffany (Tiffany Co.)

In 2020, the design of Tiffany Co. Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gift Box was inspired by the subway in New York City. The package features Tiffany blue, with an illustration of the Manhattan skyline, and a pink rabbit poking its head out of the train. Inside the gift box, there are 4 train-car-shaped mooncake inner boxes printed with "Take me to Tiffan", which are connected by detachable magnets. Although the brand only added the rabbit element as a reference to Chinese culture in 2020, the lively toy train is deeply loved by customers.


Every year, many international brands will customize a variety of Mid-Autumn Mooncake gift boxes during the Mid-Autumn Festival to celebrate traditional Chinese festivals. Although there is still some time before the Mid-Autumn Festival, if the gift box is to stand out among many products, it is very important to choose an excellent packaging box manufacturer to design and sample the gift box in advance.