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Yoga Asana has gained a lot of popularity over past few years. It is not just limited to India but across the world.

Yoga Asana has gained a lot of popularity over past few years. It is not just limited to India but across the world. To understand its therapeutic effect , lot of research is going on to understand its effect on respiratory and mental health.

‘Yuji’ the Sanskrit word that gave birth to the most adapted practice of today’s time – YOGA, meaning
yoke or union of mind and body. This ancient practice has become the soup to nuts for any generation
acting as the best healer to make us combat any physical or mental setback.

Any breathing exercises, meditation or kriya’s encourage relaxation and brings down stress.
Not much of
the ‘Asanas’ are supported by science yet many of them still stand bright as a solution in medical

Any best healthcare provider in India focuses on yoga and have multiple avenues to apply it under medical terminology so that it helps heal lives.

The therapeutic Yoga is studied with various populations with regards to different ailments and
conditions. Application of yoga postures and treatment of health conditions with yoga practices and
teaching have phenomenal effect to reduce structural, psychological, emotional and spiritual pain. Yoga
practices improve muscular strength, body flexibility, executive functions like cardio-vascular
symptom’s, treatment of addiction, reduces stress, chronic pain, depression , improves sleep pattern ,
enhancing overall well-being and quality of life. The purpose of this study is to examine effects of acute
yoga exercise relative to aerobic exercises on cognitive performance.

Executive Function ( EF) is essential for both physical and mental health of children and mostly it is
found that children with poverty and early stress in life reduced EF. Executive Functions and self
regulation are the psychological cycles that empower us to plan, focus, recollect directions, and shuffle
various undertakings effectively. Similarly as an aviation authority framework at a bustling air terminal
securely deals with the appearances and takeoffs of numerous airplane on various runways, the mind
needs this range of abilities to channel interruptions, focus on assignments, set and accomplish
objectives, and control driving forces.

Above all the most important aspect of Yoga is it creates an amazing impact on your lifestyle helping you maintain a proper work life balance. In yoga philosophy, there is a concept of sukha(ease, openness and comfort) and sthira (steadiness and strength) that can be applied to every yoga posture. Exploring these two concepts will help you understand that you need both in order to find balance in poses, as well as in life. For example, working is good and often necessary, but developing a life that is fulfilling is equally important. In this sense, you can think of your work as sthira, your stability, and other aspects of your life such as hobbies, sukha, or comfort.

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