How Did Ibiza Become One of the World's Leading Luxury Wellness Destinations?

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I've never been happier or more miserable than when I was in Ibiza. On the other hand, I've never been happier or more miserable anywhere else.

I've never been happier or more miserable than when I was in Ibiza. On the other hand, I've never been happier or more miserable anywhere else. These two assertions may appear to be in opposition to one another, but in reality, they are highly intertwined. Ibiza is my top pick for travel destinations anywhere in the world. For the past twenty years, with the exception of quordle one year, it is the only location that I have traveled to each and every year. When I was quarantined in London due to the pandemic, I had to spend the next 18 months away from my friends and family in New York City and Paris. But what I really missed were the evenings in Ibiza, when the light turned rose-pink and gold, the air was filled with the chirp of cicadas, and you could actually feel your skin prickle with anticipation as you wondered what adventures the night would bring. I missed those evenings with a physical ache.

I first traveled to Ibiza in search of a good time, just like a lot of other British people of my generation, and boy, did I ever find it! It was in the early years of the 21st century, during the reign of the superclub and the superstar DJ. Carl Cox, Judgement, Pete Tong, and Manumission: these were the gods of the island, and discussions regarding them were treated with the same gravity that other societies reserve for their philosophers and leaders of state. I spent one of my first summers in Ibiza with a friend who was just beginning his career as a DJ. It was an incredible experience. The evenings always seemed to conclude with him playing at someone's private party in an extravagant villa or on the kind of yacht I believed only existed in television shows set in the 1980s. When my friend played Lionel Ritchie's "All Night Long" for me while I was dancing on a beach as the sun was rising, I remember thinking to myself, "Life does not get any better than this."

But the morning would always come around, no matter how late the party went on into the night. Ibiza is the place where I've had the most fun, but it's also the place where I've had the worst hangovers. My skin was so pale and my eyes appeared so sunken in when I returned to work the morning after spending time away with my DJ friend; consequently, my manager inquired as to whether or not I had recently lost a loved one.

In contrast to me, this blot off the coast of eastern Spain is able to have a good time without letting its appearance suffer as a result. Ibiza is known as "La Isla Blanca," which literally translates to "the white island," due to the limewash that is used on the farmhouses or possibly for the sea salt that is still harvested on Ses Salines Beach. A significant portion of the island has remained remarkably untouched. It is the third largest of the Balearic Islands and is known for its alluring combination of large, bright beaches, tiny rocky coves, and evergreen hills and woodlands.