FAQs about PakSurf verified accounts

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Any account with a tick mark verified badge on PakSurf is a verified account.

What is a verified account?
Any account with a tick mark verified badge on PakSurf is a verified account.
Why does PakSurf verify accounts?

Verification is currently used to establish authenticity of identities of key individuals and brands on PakSurf.

Popularity of the owner of
To avoid the devaluation of the status of «approved page». As criteria of fame can be:
- A notable presence at the other sites in the Internet;
- Article in Wikipedia.
The purity of the account
We are interested in, to the pages of well-known people were free from the falsehoods and spam. Unfortunately, automatic filters PakSurf not always cope with this task, especially for popular pages. If You have no way to monitor the cleanliness of the page or hire moderators, we recommend not to give the masses of opportunities to comment.
The activity of the owner

The verified pages have priority in search, so we note the check boxes of pages, which are updated and users might be interested. Among other things:
- Page PakSurf must be filled;
- On the page must be placed photos;
- Page should be updated periodically;
- The number of friends should not exceed the number of subscribers. Famous personalities, has already scored uncontrolled number of friends, may apply to the support

What kinds of accounts get verified?
PakSurf verifies accounts on an ongoing basis to make it easier for users to find who they're looking for. We concentrate on highly sought users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas. We are constantly updating our requirements for verification. Note, verification does not factor in surfer count or Pkies count.

We do not accept requests for verification from the general public. If you fall under one of the above categories and your PakSurf account meets our qualifications for verification, we may reach out to you in the future.

Why hasn't my account been verified?
If you think you meet the criteria for verification and have not yet received a badge, please be patient. We are working within key interest areas to verify accounts that are sought after by other PakSurf users. We don't accept verification requests from the general public, but we encourage you to continue using PakSurf in a meaningful way, and you may be verified in the future. Please note that surfer count is not a factor in determining whether an account meets our criteria for verification.

Besides verification, how can I show my account is authentic?
Linking to your PakSurf profile from an official website is the easiest way to confirm the authenticity of your PakSurf account. Including PakSurf's surfer button on your webpage is the absolute best way to do this.

How to identify an official verified account:
• The verified badge will appear next to a user's name on their profile page. It will also appear next to a user’s name in searches for people on PakSurf.
• If the verified badge appears anywhere else on a user's profile page (such as in the avatar or the background) it is not a verified account.
• The verified badge cannot be used unless it is provided by PakSurf. Accounts using a badge as part of profile pictures, background images, or in any way implying false verification will be permanently suspended.
• The verified badge will have the same color even if users have customized their profile page theme colors.

Do verified accounts have access to extra features?
Yes, verified account holders have access to the following extra features:
• Verified accounts will have more popularity display on most of the pages to get more attention.
• With thousands of fake and parody accounts, seeing a deluge of lawsuits from unhappy celebrities was a real possibility. The check mark (or badge) of verification—featured prominently on users' profiles is created to help avoid that problem.

How do PakSurf accounts get verified?
Send us the following details to get verified at PakSurf (info@paksurf.com)
• Your real full name along with your email address you are using for your PakSurf account
1. Last 2 digits of your password
2. Any reference, article or prove that you are a celebrity, journalist, Government officials or Popular brands and businesses.
Can an account lose its verified status?
Changing certain profile information (such as the @ username or protecting Pkies) will result in the removal of a verified badge. That account will automatically be reviewed again to ensure it is eligible for verification.
An account may also lose its verified status if it violates the PakSurf Rules or Terms of Service.
Previously verified accounts may not be eligible to have their badges restored.

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